Monday, January 21, 2013

School and allergies! Ack!

So, another day and another post. Last week was my first week back to college and i am excited to say that it seems  like it'll be a great! I'm really excited because it seems like this semester is going to be challenging, but in a good way!! I have two senior level classes on my plate, and I'm really nervous about them. They meet once a week and I have to read about...60 pages plus case studies. As a HUGE procrastinator, this sounds horrible! But, i have found myself eagerly reading through my Community Nutrition book. It's really odd! XD Now if i could only find the same enthusiasm for math :( I really hope to bust this procrastination streak i had last semester! My poor grades can't handle it! As i progress through the course i look forward to sharing info! :) I can already tell i have a great post about SNAP (Food stamps) in the making!

I had a great weekend, went to a baby shower and everything, until IT happened. I don't know what it was, but i came into contact that my body HATED! I ended up having a severe allergic reaction which put me in the hospital. Mind you this was my first ever hospital visit as an adult. XD Three hours later, I finally had a nurse bring the goods to relieve the pain. Quick side note to those who haven't experienced this, my body broke out in a rash and my face and throat swelled horridly. It is pure HELL! Anyway, the nurse gave me a cup of pills and told me I had to take a shot ( no, not the alcoholic type :( ) So i proceeded to take my jacket off. Now i like to think i am this brutally awesome tough chick, but the nurse informed me that the shot was to be administered to my "hip" which means your butt apparently. I was so scared! I was so hesitant, and the nurse was persistent and said the hip was the only way. So i laid on my back and cringed as the nurse pulled my waistband down to pierce my upper butt cheek. I lucked out, it wasn't painful. So i decided that if i freaked out this much whilst getting a shot to the bum then i probably shouldn't have children.

So basically i had a pretty good week, minus the swelling grossness that happened. Not much more happened, it was rather slow. I also ate bunch of junk, easily prepared BS this week, nothing to write about. Well I plan on cooking tom, we shall see how that goes! That's pretty much it, the roids that the Doc gave me make me tired. :( Until next time...

Later Space Cowboy!

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