Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A little vegan, a little craft

So it's me again. I decided to finally make another post. I have been really REALLY busy.School, work, and crafting is what my days have been consumed of. Mostly craft. XD So let's do a bit of talking.

I haven't been cooking much. Period. It really sucks, and I am running on unhealthy things like tater tots. BBQ chips, and every vegan's favorite processed cookie; the Oreo. When I am in the mood for food that will fill me up I have been eating PBJ sandwiches  Thank the Lord for PBJ because I am always running late and those babies are so quick to make. Plus PB is the most yummy thing on the planet. But I do wanna talk about one thing that I had eaten that I had never had before;

Soy yogurt! I was kinda scared to try it at first, but I finally caved in while at Trader Joes. I am very pleased to say that it was YUMM-O! It did have a slight "soy" twang to it, but it wasn't really noticeable  Of course, the one I had was peach. It was really good. I am happy to say I will now be able to incorporate yogurt back into my life! :)

2) Crafts
So I know I haven't mentioned that I am planning on opening an awesomely cool online shop to help pay for my unhealthy crafting habit (and expensive!) and I am centering it around being vegan! I have come up with some really nerdy but cute designs, so now I am in the process of stenciling em out and putting them on shirts. I also plan on having vegan purses, and let me tell you, i have some really fun animal and cruelty free pleather! It looks nice and is pretty amazing! But enough of my jabber, here is a preview pic of my shirts to come.

Super nerdy right?! I plan on making more shirts  a few more nerdy ones, and a few not so nerdy. :) I am working on making some cutesy pamphlets too, just to go with the shirts and such. :) I really enjoy having a crafty outlet, and I hope you guys appreciate the stuff I make too!!

Well, this has been a very long winded post, and I am really exhausted. (been up since 5 AM, GASP) 
I shall write more later. 

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